Thursday, February 16, 2017

Back to Work

We have just returned from Austin, Texas where I gave a talk about The Netherlands to a classroom of four year olds (my granddaughter's class). I was armed with this framed photo, fresh tulips, pieces of Delt pottery, etc. and most importantly...Dutch cookies. Why The Netherlands?...well I use to live there.. I hadn't given this talk in a long time...but my daughter remembers me doing such a presentation at her elementary school many years ago. I enjoyed it, and hope the kids did too....surely they liked the cookies!

My husband Tom drove me down and took the opportunity to visit with his old golf buddy Lester. Lester's wife died a few years ago, and he now lives in a senior living apartment complex in Austin to be near his kids.. A rather nice one, my hubby reports.

Lester who just turned ninety was a very successful architect in Houston, owning his own firm and designing   public schools all over Texas. Although, no one in Austin knew that, or somehow forgot...which happens when you get older......and then he sent out his Christmas card. One he had sketched himself of where he now lives.
Here is the one we got.
So, I guess the owners of this senior living center saw one, and knocked on his door. Lester has now been hired  to design their stationary and a new brochure.I guess you are never too old to go back to work!


  1. Ah, the Dutch cookies! And then there's the cheese...

  2. What a lovely way to introduce the infant children to another country.
    It is important that people like Lester should not become 'just another old person' as they get older, and be appreciated.
    I remember when my DiL's grandfather was very ill in hospital and looking vulnerable - he had been a very senior figure in the army. His daugher took along a photo of him dressed up in all of his regalia to put it on the bedside cabinet.

  3. Dutch cookies, you mean "stroopwafels"? I guess the kids loved your performance. Great meeting with an old friend and what an excellent painting he has made. Glad he is still able to use his skills now for a hobby. Well I have to put on my Wooden Shoes now to go to the market......:)

  4. hat a treat for your granddaughter to have you give a talk and cookies to her class.

  5. Absolutely Janey, when it comes to artistic and brain power, there's no set retirement age! Congratulations on your talk I bet the kids loved it!

  6. Dearest Janey,
    No doubt your presentation about The Netherlands was done very well, with passion and keeping the kids' attention. Rewarding them with Dutch cookies is of course the ultimate!
    Your husband's golf buddy is a very special person. One that for sure is not blowing his own trumpet and I appreciate that!
    Yes, there certainly are many like him around us that go unnoticed and have accomplished, or even still do, great things! So glad he got this recognition at the old age of 90, being without his beloved wife.
    Glad you both had a meaningful day!