Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How To Combat Cabin Fever

It is not unusual for folks to develop cabin fever especially in the month of February, so we took a little trip.
Welcome to Tubac Arizona
Tubac,Arizona with a population of only about a thousand folks, is twenty or so miles  north of the Mexican border and is largely made up of painters,potters,sculptors and carvers...and oh did I mention snow birds and  golfers? Throw in the fact that a sizable group of folks we call friends, from Lake City Colorado, winter in this area and you have the perfect get away destination. Don't let the cloudy sky fool you....there are a lot of sunny days here!

The village occupies a prime spot on the Sonoran Desert just below the peaks of the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains.

Tom and I accepted an invitation from friends who had leased a home in Tubac and  flew out for five days.
 I will post pictures of our fun filled trip soon..


  1. I'm not sure you're allowed to have cabin fever in TX! Snowing hard here.

  2. Cabin fever, I had to look that word up, didn't know it! But I understand you suffered a lot :)