Monday, October 29, 2018

Hello from Asia

It has been a long journey, but we are here !
Shanghai was our first stop and we absolutely loved it. Above the Shanghai of yesteryear. (Sixteen century),
...and Shanghai today! That is The Shanghai Tower (taken from an area called The Bund ). It is the tallest building in Asia.
          Internet from this ship is a bit spotty..but I will make an attempt to keep posting, and eventually get over to your blogs.


  1. What an exciting trip - I went to China 35 years ago, and The Bund then had typical little wooden Chinese buildings on it. The Yangtze River was filled with vessels called dhows and junks all jostling to sell their wares. Our hosts all wore little navy blue Mao suits.

  2. Looks great Janey, a far away country and an other world.

  3. The two sides of Shanghai. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Yes, those are LONG journeys, we did it 21 x to Indonesia, to work and several times to India. Pieter went to China on the Ambassador Program in 1987. Things will have changed enormously and you will be enjoying many surprises, while enjoying yummy food!