Thursday, October 11, 2018


I am not sure that my readers know that I enjoy playing golf. Mind you, I am not very good and would certainly benefit from some lessons.
So, I was eager to accept the invitation to go on a golf outing with a group of friends that not only live by us in the mountains, but also near us in Texas. One of the ladies uncle's, who was a Ft. Worth merchant and golf course builder, purchased a large ranch in Hood County west of town back in the mid 60's. It was rumored to have been a hangout back in the nineteenth century of a famous female outlaw Belle Starr...and also a place of Indian Wars, dinosaur bones and yes rattlesnakes. Anyway, he built on the ranch a small nine hole golf course for his own enjoyment. Today the private course is run by two of his daughter's.
It is also a working ranch where longhorn cattle graze, and an occational flock of wild turkeys scamper by.

 It was  apparent to me that someone is a birdwatcher, with numerous birdhouses scattered about.
The course is very well maintained with perfectly manicured fairways 
 lined with matured healthy looking Live Oak trees.
There was evidence of our recent wet weather, with cute little mushrooms popping up here and there

and a few decorations to let you know that you were on an old ranch.

This to Tom's dismay, was also just another decoration.
I know one thing I certainly enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather, on a picturesque golf course with good friends...despite my golf score!

* Those interested in the properties connection with Belle Starr....go HERE


  1. It looks like you had a good day for the game.

  2. Always fun to be with friends and practise makes perfect as they say.

  3. Looks like the perfect day for a round of golf Janey.. unless your ball disappears download the old well 😉 Looking forward to hearing more about your Asia trip, exciting!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    That was a treat for anyone involved on a perfectly sunny day in a beautiful area. Kudos for the two sisters that maintain this huge property!
    It was quite a story to read about the Bandit Queen!
    Finally making my rounds now power has been restored, I did post for one day about it... Tonight another post will show.

  5. A perfect day for a sunny game of golf!

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