Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Are Men Color Blind?

 We don’t plant a lot of flowers for the summer season, since we spend our summers in Colorado. One flower that we have discovered that can take the heat of the summer here in North Texas are the Pentas. For the first several summers our gardener planted these beautiful light pink ones. Since then we have started using a different landscaping service and I have had trouble conveying what like pink is.

This is what I mean by light pink.

Well last summer this is what they planted. Pretty, but not what I wanted.

I came home today and my husband was so pleased. He informed me that the landscapers were here and they planted the light pink flowers that I wanted....which appears to be the above color...Which  to me is lavender.

This is what I had visions of.

Not this..

Or this..
I must explain, I am not a difficult person so I will be happy for what I have,
...but next year maybe I need to track down the right color if it is so important to me.

Again I ask are men color blind?


  1. It's possible we have different definitions of the colour. I would not characterize that first one as pink.

  2. Ha,ha, a landscaper should know the differences between colours, or he has the wrong profession!

  3. Absolutely Janey and as the Padre pointed out, deaf as well 😀