Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Barn

 Have you ever used Google Earth to search for something? It’s a grey, cold, damp day here in North Texas so I have been playing around on my computer. I have some cousins that grew up on a dairy farm southeast of the small town of Sherman, TX. At one point my family lived in a house on their farm. I remember with fond memories playing in their barn amongst the stacks of hay bales. 

They had two barns, which we referred to as the old barn and the new barn. The old barn was made of wood and painted red. The new barn was shiny metal. The old barn was especially fun because it had a hay chute that we would slide down, from our club house in the loft.

Not unlike this photo of an old hay chute.

The old farm is not there anymore, but I remember the general area,

and I came across this. By golly I do believe that this is the new barn. Okay I realize it looks old, but it is shaped more like the new barn (built about 1952) and I feel sure the old one bit the dust?

By the way there is a movie that came out a few years ago, a true story about an Indian man who at age five jumped on a train and got lost. He was eventually adopted by a family in Australia. The movie is about him using Google Earth to see if he could find his home. Great movie. Have you seen it? It's called Lion.



  1. Dearest Janey,
    So glad you spotted that very barn with lots of fond memories for you!

    Well, you made me cry... Found the movie, at least big part of it:
    Sounds like our story about Pieter's adopted daughter from British Columbia.
    You can read here:
    My last line is: from heaven she will be watching us and no doubt this Indian movie is the very same. The Mother never wanted to move away, in case her son came looking for her...
    Liz Vedder's birth Mom, Mama Thelma, never changed her married name, just in case the kids came looking for her.
    We don't 'yet' fully understand how our loved ones from above can guide us...
    For me that is my older sister; she's guided me so many times from heaven.

  2. Google earth can be too invasive. Anyone can find out exactly where and how you live if they have your postcode. Fortunately our property is on a private road and Google earth are not permitted to drive down and photograph it. They can, however, show it from the sky, rather like your barn photo.

  3. My cousin's farm has an old barn that went back to the days before my aunt and uncle, when it was a dairy farm. My uncle and then my cousin only used it for storage. They built up a structure nearby that included a cold storage for the apple crop.