Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Few Photos from Tubac

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures that I took on our recent short trip to Tubac, Arizona
 A map of the village. As you can see it is very small and you really can't get lost.
You feel a bit like you are in Mexico, but this is Arizona.

 There are all types of architecture. This place caught my eye
 as did it's door.
There is a whole array of unusual things to buy,
although watch your step.
I especially liked the colorful pottery
There were even metal plants

and some pretty amazing real ones.

Have you ever seen a lavender cactus?

St. Anne's Catholic church...looking of bit more alpine in construction than Spanish.
It's foundation laid in 1767.. The present church was finished in 1929
 A pretty house on the golf course

Everywhere you turn there are spectacular views ..

So if you ever get to Tubac, don't forget your camera.
Come back again, and I will show you the local sculpture garden


  1. Looks a really interesting place to visit, lovely and warm too - re: your previous post, I know that feeling of having 'cabin fever'

  2. I've never heard of that town but it's enchanting! Of course the lavender cactus is the neatest! Love the scenery and interesting things for the garden. WOW! I would love to go there! Hugs!

  3. What a wonderful tour de force! We considered Tucson this past winter but never got around to it; perhaps next year! Tubac would be a wonderful side trip, and your photos prove that is delightful as other friends have informed us. Incidentally, your profile photo is terrific!

  4. It's also a nice place to live. I've been her for 28 years... seen it grow and change, but also keeps its very special atmosphere. I loved seeing your photos and so glad you like our little village. Meg Flanders

    1. I want to apologize for my typos.

    2. Hi Meg,

      Thanks for stopping by.We sure do like Tubac. This was our second trip. This time we stayed with friends leasing a house on Geary St. The neighbors invited us to a party. Met Fred Collins and his wife Linda and a whole host of folks from the Seattle area.We plan to return next Feb.