Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hello from the China Sea

Hello! We are having an amazing time and great weather. It is difficult for me to post. Taking pictures with my phone...(and of course can’t post in China), then transferring to my iPad is very slow. Iwill show more pictures when I can or when I return. Thank you for your comments Janey
Well everyone must do this


  1. Having a whale of a time. It let me write the one line and no more. The weather was glorious when we visited The Great Wall. Saw all of the sights. Will try my best to post more...Janey

  2. Look forward to seeing more photos when you return. Impressive photo of the Great Wall.

  3. Well, that looks good and far away. The great wall must have been impressive to see. Enjoy your tour and don't worry about us to much. We can wait for the photos :)

  4. How fabulous! You can share pics when you return! Just enjoy this amazing trip and HAVE FUN!

  5. Dearest Janey,
    So happy for the both of you for experiencing this fascinating culture! There are so many buildings to be admired and we all can learn from their meticulous and fine handwork. In my humble opinion, Asians do have the most nimble hands for fine crafts of all people in the world.
    ENJOY it and don't worry too much about your posts. We'll see it once you get to it.

  6. Thanks you all for your comments. WiFi is spotty on the ship. We are having an amazing time So...I probably won’t post again till we return...Miss you guys