Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day

I don't always get to spend Mother's Day with any of my kids.

Yesterday thankfully I did. We drove down to Central Texas to spend the day with our youngest daughter and family at their river house.

  It was a beautiful day and we had such a relaxing time.
Although watching my six year old granddaughter do this...made me a bit anxious. She is an excellent swimmer and her parents are very responsible about practicing all of the safety rules. Still....

Whatever you did this weekend....I hope you too had a relaxing fun time...


  1. My heart would have been in my mouth watching my young granddaughter in a dinghy. Lovely to have some time with your family on Mother's Day.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Yes, watching a six year old on the water like that would have me worried too!
    We human beings are like tiny ants compared to Mother Nature's wild waters and others.
    Glad you had a good time on Mother's Day!

  3. We had a very exciting weekend with the wedding of my daughter with a Brittish boy!

  4. Good that you were able to spend time with them.

  5. I knew you would have a super day. I think as grandparents we worry even more, if that's possible, about our grandchildren 😊 I went hiking with Aimee, it was a lovely way to start the day.

  6. It looks like a delightful day, Janey. Enjoy your week.