Friday, June 7, 2019

Hello from Colorado

As many of you know Tom and I have been on the road to our summer place in the Colorado mountains.
My driver Tom, who never seems to tire behind the wheel

but you do need to stop every once in awhile if not to just walk around. We are not known in Texas for having nice rest stops, but things are improving. A word to the wise. When you are driving and you see a sign on the highway that reads: Picnic Area. It is just that...a place with a picnic table. If you are looking for a restroom (toilet) you will need the highway sign to read: Rest Stop. This is one of our nicer new ones.
There was even a small pond
with a walking trail around it.
We of course were not traveling with kids, but they had a wonderful playground.
This sign had me getting back into the car though.
There is not a lot to see driving up through the Texas Panhandle
So you have to look for the beauty. This is a field of Dandelion flowers that have gone to seed. We use to pick these as a kid and try and blow the white silky fibers off with one breath. If we did, you got your wish. I saw a sign once with a picture similar to this. It read: Some see a weed others see a wish.

We arrived in Amarillo, Texas and decided to pick another route going west for a ways before we headed north. We get bored with the same roads...despite the abundance of wishes .
Going west out of Amarillo on U.S. 40 you find you are sharing the road with the historic old Route 66. Route 66 was an early highway (1926) that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles.
Some people enjoy taking this road trip today. Parts of the route have been eaten up by super expressways...but it can be done, and you see some unusual sights.
On another trip we actually stayed here on Route 66 in the small New Mexico town of Tucumcari.
It is still open for business and hasn't changed much. Don't expect a 5 star resort, it's just the type of authentic tourist court you would find back in the day.
Come back and we will continue on up into the Colorado Mountains.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Kudos to your Tom for still managing to do this long drive to the Colorado mountains!
    Guess the historic route 66 is more interesting and we all don't want to become bored behind the wheel.
    I've driven part of it in Arizona... just for the record.
    Guess you and I went different directions; you will find out later close to July.
    Safe travels and good luck with settling in!

  2. That is a long way and I don't envy you that drive. That snake sign was a bit scary!

  3. It is a long way to go, but the reward in the end is worth it!