Saturday, October 26, 2019

So Where Are the Cypress Trees?

Okay, for the last few posts I have been running around Tuscany. So where are all those beautiful Italian Cypress Trees? Truth is they are almost everywhere, especially on our drive back from Siena  to our little cottage in near Cortona.
Tom is so good about stopping, as soon as he can, whenever I yell "Stop! Stop!"
Which is what he did when I saw this. If you haven't been there, what can I say but you simply must go!It is so pretty.
Our friend Phil had found a beautiful house online he wanted to see, which is what we were doing on this particular road to begin with.
Okay, so we located it. Phil and I had jumped out of the car hoping to get another good picture, and to our disappointment we are confronted with this..a closed locked gate..
Hey wait! There is a path running parallel to the fence. So while Tom and Phil's wife Jenna were patiently waiting in the car, off Phil and I went, scurrying up a down a few little hills on what looked like a well worn path
to discover this. Oh my gosh! Look at that long curving drive! All of a sudden Phil yells "Janey get back to the car.They are coming after us!!!"Oh dear maybe we were are on private property after all? I ran back down the path to discover Tom had moved the car and it was now sitting in a huge puddle of muddy water. Phil was right behind me shouting "Get in Get in". I informed him that unless they were shooting I wasn't stepping into that big puddle! Had a happy ending after all, seems who ever it was, was just leaving and nodded at us as they went out the gate. Whew! That was a close call. Amazing what bloggers will do to get a picture!


  1. Dearest Janey,
    LOVE this Italian Cypress tree adventure!
    Stepping into a puddle of water would be a high price to pay indeed! We had 3 of those authentic Italian Cypress, only two remain and they have scars from the way too hot climate in Georgia, lots of browning... But don't you just LOVE the landscape being lined by them?!
    Glad you had this adventure and Phil did spot a worthwhile villa to explore.

  2. In the end it was all worth it - it is a lovely photo.
    By the way I don't think Italians would shoot you, they are much more likely to invite you in.

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  5. Oh that was funny Janey 😁 Such beautiful views, the Cyprus trees look amazing along the driveway.

  6. That is so true! We love to take photos! And these are gorgeous! I just watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun...again! I love that movie! It would be my dream to visit that area!