Saturday, March 13, 2021

Here I Am

 I have been neglecting my blog lately, sorry! Really don’t have an excuse, just not much going on around here! We have had some beautiful Spring weather  and everyone is holding their breath wondering what plants are dead....or just waiting to sprout out again. For those that may not know we had extremely cold weather for Texas, an unusual snowfall and -2 temps. Gardens all over the state have suffered.

Our Pyracantha that we had trained on the wall of our courtyard is looking iffy! Everyone tells us it will likely sprouting out again. We sure hope so.

Our pansies did survive. I was out there covering them with old bed sheets when I heard the forecast...Tom  said “those won’t make it” but they did. 

Our neighbors tree...I call it a tulip tree is budding out. I feel sure one of you will know the proper name for it.

I did plant some pink geraniums by the front door today.. As you can tell I am more than ready for Spring.
We have to make a quick trip to Houston next week and the week after, Tom has hip replacement surgery.. 

Hopefully I will find something interesting in Houston to tell you about!


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Well, you have to be a bit more patient for your Pyracantha's recovery. It will be very busy already sending signals to its cells for producing new leaves. A kind of turn of switches as it usually does not have to produce them at this time...
    Lovely pansies, they withstand frost and all.
    As for the Japanese Magnolia or Magnolia x soulangeana, that too is looking great. Usually ours blooms on my Angel Mom's Birthday, February 12 but this year things were late due to wet weather and then cold nights, just a little frost but it kept delaying and delaying.
    We had also one year all our blossoms turn brown from frost and also the leaves that come after blooms are gone. BUT about in June, new leaves came on and you couldn't tell the difference!

  2. Best wishes on the hip replacement surgery. I have a friend who just had it and she is so happy she did. I love seeing all those blooms and I do hope the pyracantha survives.
    I went out for a drive around town this afternoon with no particular place in mind. I just went where the car took me and I ended up stopping a few times to snap some photos. I love those unexpected finds.

  3. It looks wonderful overthere. here it is to early for flowers, but some in the parcs have come up.

  4. Oh I really hope your pyracantha makes it Janey, I remember when you planted it, so pretty 🌼

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