Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Good Vibes.

 Tom and I have been fully vaccinated since late January so  we feel free to go out in the community more and more. We are still being careful and we almost feel like animals that have been in a cage for a long time and someone opened the door but we are afraid to go out.

This morning though our cleaning crew came. They come twice a month and we try and get out of their way.

Since we had already had breakfast, we wanted a place to just have a coffee and hang out. Not too far away is  a  funky little deli that is family owned and has wonderful food; gourmet sandwiches etc. Happy to find them open we stopped in and Tom was delighted  to discover they also have delicious chocolate brownies.

It is such a comfortable place with wonderful smells and we had never seen it so empty. Although their main business seems to be at lunch.

.There  is a colorful mural on the wall depicting the Ft. Worth Symphony’s summer concert series,

and a whole slew of things that catch your eye.

This made me chuckle,


as did the portrait  of their employees. Oh the name of the deli is Lettuce Cook, so if you are ever in town I highly recommend it

I loved this t-shirt they were selling. You see this area is called DFW which is an abbreviation for Dallas Fort  Worth...but that doesn’t mean that we necessarily like each other!


  1. I'm wondering if Bob and I will feel more freedom after we receive our second shot? We've isolated for a year now - it's become a way of life! I love the puns to veggies in their quotes! Colorado is opening up a little but still very cautiously.

  2. I think it's going to be a long while yet before I can feel like dining in anywhere.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Glad that you enjoyed this fun place and yes, it causes a good chuckle or two!
    No, I've not had that feeling of being locked up in a cage. We both have been so busy all the time that it hardly ever bothered us. Except for the negative 'fake' news but when not paying attention to it, you're fine!
    So happy for having unraveled one more story for Pieter's Memoirs, a beautiful story and very unusual for most people. All due to great mushroom related friends.

    PS since the 90s we've not been back to DFW and Dallas... miss that!

  4. Lucky you to have all the vaccinations just behind you. Here it is a mess, they say before summer everybody will be vaccinated and they mean July! In the meantime we are still in a lockdown and shops, restaurants, cafes are closed. You can't go anywhere, Museums theaters, everything is closed. We don't live a life we enjoyed so much before.

  5. What a great post. That place looks like a very fun place to visit as well as having good food. I got my second vaccine Tuesday evening. A friend and I have planned a trip to Tucson for a weekend the first part of April. It felt so good to make those plans. I'm looking forward to a little trip even if it isn't that far away.

  6. That cafe looks very interesting with its murals etc. Lucky you being able to have cafes that are open. Even though many people have now had their 2nd jab there is nowhere open to visit.

  7. This looks like a really fun place Janey plus chocolate brownies :) Glad you were able to get out for a while. Excellent mural and the staff sign made me smile.. a good sense of humour is much needed in the current times :)

  8. Fun Little Hidden Gems You Photographed There - Was Thinking About You As Texas Has Been In The News Lately - So Thankful That You Two Kids Have Had Your Puppy Shots - Be Well