Saturday, March 27, 2021

Delayed Damage

 It’s been well over a month since Texas had its news worthy cold weather. Our temperature went down to -2 degrees F.  A lot of people’s homes were damaged by broken water pipes etc..but we were very fortunate to have only lost some of our outdoor foliage.....or so we thought.

This is the glass in our front door. It is a wavy piece of glass affording a bit of privacy...but it is not supposed to be crinkled like this!

Seems the double  paned glass has an layer of a gas between the layers. Apparently the cold weather caused a tiny crack and for some reason waited until now to finish cracking. The cracking is on the inside of the glass, so it still feels smooth on both sides. Tom likes it and suggested leaving it that way. I on the other hand want it repaired, who knows when it will just  just collapse! The glass repairman will be out next ...we hope.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, that is the same look as I encountered with our shower door in the Rose Suite... That one fell to my feet in thousand pieces! One cannot trust this 'look'...
    Hope you get the glass repairman to take care of it in a swift way.

  2. It has to be repaired. At some point it will give way.

  3. I agree you need to get it repaired. Imagine if you were away from home and it completely fell away from the door, your security would be compromised.

  4. I like it too, it looks like an artwork! But it is fragile I suppose....

  5. No Way - Kinda Cool But I Can Understand Your Situation - Will Be Curious As To The Options The Repair Folks Offer Up - Stay Strong


  6. It does look pretty but I would worry that it would suddenly fall out!

  7. Oh wow! Imagine that Janey! I would not have thought the weather, however cold, could do that!

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