Thursday, April 14, 2022

Around Town

 When you move to a new town, it is always fun to scout out all of the restaurants and coffee shops.

Just south of downtown, which here is referred to as the near south side, I spied a coffee shop where I was just sure I could get a strong cup of coffee and maybe a croissant.

The name of the place certainly implied that.

Strange choice for a mural on the side wall though, maybe a picture of the Champs-elysees or the Eiffel Tower would have been a better choice,

but when this place opened long about 1927 it was named after the owner, a Mr. Paris…not the iconic French capitol.

This place was more like an old diner where you could get an authentic Texas breakfast. Yes, biscuits and gravy really is a common side dish,

and if you came at lunch you wouldn’t want to leave without a slice of pie. Pictured here is a coconut meringue  just like grandma use to make.

So you can imagine how sad everyone was when the most recent owner (since 1964) a Mr. Smith announced his retirement and oh no…the closing of the store…which was a couple of years ago.

Well just this week…great news! Riding in like the Lone Ranger to save the day.. was a group of young investors with a chef among them here to save the day.The coffee house/diner will reopen once it is refreshed but not destroyed and the best news is they have been able to retain the staff…some of them  have worked there for decades. You know, the type of waitress that  addresses you as “honey”.

So next time you are in Ft. Worth…you may want add to  the Paris Coffee House to your list!


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, so the name Paris was just a last name with absolutely no connection to the French capital city.
    But what a story and so good to read that some of the workers can continue serving people.
    No wonder that they will do that like having done before. Oh, our local fare is also about biscuits and gravy; very familiar with that.

  2. Oh, that is good news. We haven't been so lucky here. Two different, long-time favorite restaurants have closed for good here. One closed last fall and other is closing the end of June. So far, no one has come to the rescue.

  3. Good to know it will be saved. I expect you will be a frequent visitor. Have a great time in Paris. The weather is looking good for you but then there is so much to do even if the weather isn't so good. I look forward to seeing your photos.