Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Star Returns

It's no secret that Tom and I are heavily involved with the Creede Repertory Theater. Creede is a darling town about fifty miles east ,over the mountain, from our summer home. This week, we attended a very special event with our friends, Ron and Sandra. Ron being a current board member of the theater.
The event, a fundraiser, was a concert  by an actor that was once part of the summer cast.
We sort of feel like he got his start in Creede. Born in Minnesota, educated at SMU in Dallas Texas, he went  on to act and sing all over the country, from Alaska to New York. He is now acting in a T.V. series on A and E. A western  (filmed in Santa Fe) called Longmire.

Meet Adam Bartley. I remember his outstanding performances in Forever Plaid, A Tuna Christmas and Swiss Family Robinson. Who could forget that beautiful voice, pretty blue eyes and... oh those dimples.
. We miss you  Adam!
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  1. i've just started watching longmire so will watch for him!