Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where Are We Going?

I asked a friend from Houston, who had just bought a cabin here, to go to the Women's club meeting with me in our little mountain town. I parked the car, and we started walking down this alley. I noticed a rather  strange look on her face.

So I said "I never said it was the Junior League".

Fancy, no. ...but these gals raise a lot of money for the needs of this little town...and have an awful lot of fun doing it!
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  1. "Never judge a book by its cover!" Hope she becomes a productive member under your tutelage!

  2. No indeed it's not the Jr. League and I"ll bet it's a whole lot more fun!

  3. And that's what it's all about hey Janey :)

  4. super !
    you guys in the states do that much better than us over here..

  5. I agree with "This is Belgium", I am always amazed by your community work in the US with volunteers. Here people are much more individual.