Friday, July 19, 2013

But is it Fair Trade?

Meet one of our most dreaded critters. Bet you were expecting a bear or a mountain lion...not this sweet looking innocent little fellow. What is it you say?

Well it is a Pack Rat, Wood Rat or some call it a Trade Rat. Call it what you may, but you do not want these in your home. ....or your car. They are famous for building their nests....called  a midden under the hood of your car...usually chewing through hoses and wiring to add a bit more comfort to their bed....or worse yet in the walls of your house

So, why are they called Trade Rats? Well, they not only take things from you....they are famous for leaving something in trade. But, the trade is not worth the destruction they do in your house and or car.They are especially fond of shiny objects and are likely to leave you a rock or stick in exchange for your jewelry!

So far, we have not been graced with their presence.....many of our neighbors have.

The Pack Rat-Local #5

(a borrowed photo)
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  1. He looks so sweet an innocent too.

  2. He looks so cute, nice they love jewelry, they have a good taste....

  3. How on earth did you capture his image as you did. Masterful! I really don't like these "cute" little creatures either. He and his cousins manage to spread lots of diseases in their wake, like the Hanta Virus in New Mexico, for example.

  4. the trade is rather cute! but, yeah, chewing up your auto or your home... not so much!

  5. Oh, in my earlier message, I should have noticed that you labeled it "a borrowed photo."