Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Small Shops

We went back  to the little town of Granbury, TX on Saturday to take Tom's great grandchildren to see a play in their old Opera House.
Arriving early, we decided to visit the small shops that are around the city square. I am not real sure exactly what these are...I guess works of art?
I really did like this Indian Headdress

and since there are a lot of cotton fields, here in this part of Texas...is it any wonder that someone had made a wreath out of cotton bolls?
Hard to see through the window, but there was a lady in this shop sculpting a clay figure.
Taylor Beth was fascinated by the artist
The artist, Margaret Drake, told us that she had done the bronze horse and rider, displayed in the window. I told her it reminded me of a Remington. She said he was her inspiration.

She and Taylor Beth became fast friends. I was touched at how she took time to explain to this child the process of how a piece of clay became a sculpture.You can see more of  her work: HERE
If you ever make it to Texas, put Granbury of your list of places to visit. There is so much to do there...and the natives are very friendly!


  1. She is very talented, amazing what she makes! So nice she explained her work to the girl.

  2. What fun! This looks like an arty small town. It's a gift to inspire a child.

  3. The artist as teacher; what a lovely woman!

  4. I've never been, but may take a detour through there one day. I love to watch artists at their work..so much talent! How sweet she explained things to Taylor!

  5. wonderful sculptures! the cotton boll wreath would be hard to keep clean from year-to-year, i'm guessing. loved the goats.

  6. The horse and rider sculpture really stands out well.