Sunday, March 18, 2018


Boom!...and it was gone
Early on Sunday morning a huge old building just south of downtown Ft. Worth was imploded.
This is what is looked like before it came down.
Built sixty seven years ago to be an apartment building it had been vacant for some time. It was sitting on prime property just south of downtown and bordering our medical center. Most recently it was a low income assisted living home. I feel sure developers have big plans. I will be interested to see what goes up here. Normally our town is very good about refurbishing properties especially ones of historic significance .


  1. Developers, of course, have little interest in low income assisted living.

  2. It doens't look so interesting I think, rather monotonous. Hope you get a nice modern building in return.

  3. Let's hope they find homes for the people who lived here before Lois.

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