Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Special Trip

I went to Austin for a fun time over the weekend. My youngest daughter invited several members of the family to attend a fundraiser hosted by an organization she belongs to.
The festivities were all outside despite that it was a wee bit cooler than forecast.
Although, the kids didn't seem to mind, especially when they saw that there was a petting zoo with a very fluffy rabbit,
a turtle who was, despite his reputation, pretty fast on his feet
and even fuzzy ducklings to hold.
I was surprised by the nice selection of animals, even a kangaroo.
This colorful gentleman would make a balloon animal for you
or you could try your hand at an interesting game of croquette.
If, by chance, you were still hungry after the scrumptious brunch, you could visit the cotton candy booth
or have your face painted. Hannah and her cousin Olivia ended up with matching rabbit faces.
....and finally the much anticipated egg hunt. As you can see it wasn't much of a "hunt" They did thankfully have different areas for the age groups, so that the little ones at least had a chance.
My niece Sara was shocked at how many eggs her boys collected.

A special thanks to my daughter Katy and her Hannah for inviting us and hosting us in their lovely home. It was so much fun seeing so many people in the pretty Easter clothes.
So to all of you I wish a Happy Easter, Happy Passover or Happy Spring from TEXAS where cowboy boots go with everything!


  1. Had to smile with the cowboy boots under dresses. Lovely party and egg hunt.

  2. Looove the little cowboy boots 😊 Yes I was a wee bit surprised to see a kangaroo too Janey, it's a long way from home! Happy Easter ✨

  3. What fun! And those boys really did find a LOT of eggs..enough to share! heehee! And I go with everything when you live in Texas!

  4. Love the pink dresses worn by the two little girls holding the candy floss - they are even in the style that my mother put me into many, many, years ago.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Too bad that also in Texas you had rather cool weather for the event.
    But from your photos one can see there was lots of joy!

  6. Lovely photos of all the happy children. Great cowboy boots add character to the attire!! I especially like the one of you with your daughter and Hannah! It has been awhile since I have seen a photo of her and she IS growing up. She wears the pretty frock well!!

  7. Love those girls and their bunny faces and those boys with all their eggs! The cowboy boots are awesome! Wish we could have been there too.

  8. That looks like spring indeed. Here it is still cold..:(
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  9. What fun! And those boys really did find a LOT of eggs..enough to share! heehee! And I go with everything when you live in Texas!


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