Friday, March 9, 2018

Pretty Day

We have a whole string of beautiful weather in this week's forecast.

So we headed to the nearby Botanic Gardens, where there are 109 acres to roam freely, 90% of it free of charge. This part of the park is called the Rose Garden. Tragically most of the rose bushes were wiped out by a disease a couple of years ago, but are being replanted.
There weren't very many flowers blooming this early, but it is a wonderful place to walk.
I take that back, there were some early birds,
and some pretty fish, who seemed to think we were going to feed them.
and turtles enjoying the sun too.
We were not alone. Meet Jenna and Phil  longtime friends from Houston. They have also moved to North Texas, although still almost an hours drive away, so we have been meeting once a month for lunch and a nice visit. I hope too that Spring and blue skies are arriving in your area.


  1. Love Botanical gardens Janey. What a shame about the roses, hopefully it won't take them too long to recover. Lovely to share good times with friends like this ✨

  2. That looks a beautiful place for walking. Once the tulips are in bloom we know Spring is knocking on the door.

  3. What a nice place or a walk Janey.

  4. What a beautiful place to meet and spend time together. I know one of my sons loves to go there. Hugs, Diane