Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mixed Use Urban Area

I have mentioned before that I take classes for seniors offered by TCU University, and that there are also special interest groups to join. I have chosen to take part in The Art of Ft. Worth and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
This week we attended a presentation by Katie Murray who is one of the participates in an Urban Renewal Project where they are refurbishing old warehouses in what is now called the Foundry District. . It is a mixed use urban community in partnership with local organizations, and the art community.
The above art display is to represent the Monarch Butterfly migration through Texas
Katie ordered these little butterflies from the Ukraine.
An artist herself Katie, has been instrumental in gathering other street artists  to paint beautiful murals all over Ft. Worth. I will on the next post, show you part of Inspiration Alley which is a wonderful focal part in this Urban Development.