Monday, April 23, 2018


I am not exactly a techie, so maybe someone can help.?
I upload my pictures from my camera or my phone onto my laptop computer. I use Picasa to upload and always have. Google a while back said they were not going to upgrade Picasa anymore and I needed to switch to google photos. I did not want to and was happy that I could continue to use Picasa...even without any updates. Now I get this....Do I have to switch?

I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Janey


  1. I've never used Picasa. I'm afraid you'll have to. If you've stored your shots in Picasa, I would suggest backing them up for safekeeping- an external hard drive or separate email accounts just for storing shots.

  2. I am sorry I cannot help you as I have an Apple computer and upload my photos on to iPhotos which part of my computer.
    It is really annoying when they change the guidelines on products that you have become familiar with using

  3. Oh wow I hope not Janey. I use Picasa too, always have but I haven't had any notification from them like this! If I was you I'd do a back up of your photos just in case. I try and remember to do it once a week. I guess at some point I will get that popping up too, what a pain, I like Picasa.