Thursday, June 28, 2018


Occasionally, we get invited to the Wednesday night picnic on top of Gold Hill. You have to be invited by a resident, as it is a privately owned mountain.
The picnic is way at the top of that mountain with a postcard view of our lake.
The usual practice is to bring something to grill for yourself and a dish to share. Although with our present fire ban we could not build a fire in the grill. Oh and by, we are sitting adjacent to one of the only two gold mines (the Golden Wonder) still operating in the state of Colorado. The gold ore extracted by only a half dozen workers is sent to Nevada to be processed.
Mining was the reason  our little town was developed.. The above picture happens to be the workers of another mine, the Golden Fleece which was just to the right of the lake. (approx. 1880).


  1. Fabulous place for a picnic.

  2. What a great view from the mountain to the lake. I suppose you had some raw steak to eat? :)

  3. Sorry we had to miss it...

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