Monday, June 4, 2018

Where Am I

I feel sure that most of you know that we spend five months of the year in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. We have been coming here to escape the Texas heat for some twenty years now, and fourteen years ago we built a log home.
Lake City is a tiny old mining town that by all counts has escaped the changes of modern times. It is the county seat of Hinsdale County(the most remote county in the lower 48) and the only town within it. The winter population is only about 374. The picture above (taken by my sister Polly) is our downtown area. If you would like to know more about Lake City, go HERE

There was very little snow (moisture) over the winter so the fire danger is very real. We have a couple of fires burning in Colorado and several in New Mexico which is to our south.
Yesterday, Tom and I made a very early morning trip down to our only bakery. All of a sudden a large group of firefighters (Bureau of Land Managements Craig Hotshots)descended on the little place. They had just extinguished a small fire to our southeast  and were looking for something to eat. Firefighters around here have a hero status. ...and thank goodness for them.

We had rain in the evening and overnight...and there was not one person complaining about it.
Come back again for posts about living in the quaint little place.


  1. Lake City looks wonderful Janey. I think firefighters have hero status everywhere ☺ Enjoy every drop of rain you get, we are expecting storms tomorrow, can't wait!

  2. Rain is a blessing when you're at risk of forest fires.

  3. I was wondering if you had headed to the mountains! How wonderful! And an artist needs to paint that scene in the first photo. Enjoy your week! I'm on the way....well...I WISH!!!

  4. That must be horrible to have a bushfire in the surroundings, hop you get lots of rain....:)

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Glad that you arrived; that is already a very important step.
    Indeed, being the most remote county in the lower 47 states tells enough about the traveling to get there!
    Life is never easy... But you're set now for 5 months.
    Let's hope it will be safe as indeed such wildfires are disastrous and thanks to those heroes.

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