Friday, June 29, 2018


My cousins were here this past week, and I was so happy that the smoke from the forest fire west of here was not drifting this way.
We had some fun outings, but a favorite thing to do was taking an afternoon nap on our back deck. There is only on chaise lounge back there, so first come, first serve. Here, Becky is covered up with what we call the bear blanket (faux). Speaking of bears, they kept saying how much they wanted to see one.
So, when my neighbor called and said that  one was romping up and down their street ....we rushed over. Happy to say they got to see it...and I think it was the highlight of their trip!


  1. Yikes I might be a wee bit nervous napping on the deck Janey, just incase a bear came calling uninvited 😀

  2. It was fun....but the whole trip was amazing.

  3. That is SOME kind of excitement alright! A sight they won't forget!

  4. I can imagine how exciting that must have been.The highlight of any trip.

  5. That is special. I remember visiting Yellow Stone Park and and it took a long time before we saw some bears as everybody else had seen them already.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    So happy for you and your cousins for having encountered a real bear!
    No doubt one can nap on such a porch in the fresh mountain air.

  7. I haven't seen any bears yet this summer. Glad you aren't experiencing smoke from the fires.

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