Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pretty Day

For the last few days, out skies have been beautiful and blue. A nice contrast from previous weeks where we have had smoke drifting over from the fire in western Colorado.
Today I attended a luncheon in a private home which was to benefit for our Arts Council.
Donna our hostess  has a  lovely home complete with some pretty little white ducks.
We were ushered onto a shady side porch where there was a cute garden shed,
all set up to serve us Mimosas.
After a drink and a nice time visiting, we were ushered into an adjoining room where tables were set up to serve 25 ladies.
The little vases on the tables with fresh flowers were so pretty and from her yard.
I did not take a picture of the elegant lunch, but felt compelled to snap one of her spice rack in the kitchen. Someone with this many spices is surely a good cook!Which she is!
Just a photo of three good friends. The two on the left are long time friends from Houston where I use to live. They have also bought summer homes here. Robin on the left even bought an Inn. Betty I met years ago, here in Lake City,Co. She also lives near me in Ft. Worth where we both call home in the winter. There is a lot going on here...and it seems most of it includes food!


  1. Looks good, the flowers and the table ieth good friends.

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