Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tea Time

Oh my goodness I have been very busy. You see I have been a hostess for a Victorian Tea for the last ten years. The hostesses not only serve the tea but bake all of the items.
It is a fancy affair
The first course
 and third

The ladies in town have loved it and their attire got fancier and fancier as the years went by.
It was worth the price of admission just to see the outfits.

We of course had very professional waiters...yes that is my Tom.

I was happy that one of my sisters (top left) was in town for the tea along with two of her friends.
I of course had to have the biggest hat!
We are hanging up our hats after ten years and a younger crew will hopefully take over, but we of course will always have our wonderful memories.


  1. It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

  2. You all look wonderful and it must be fun to dress up this way!

  3. What a beautiful event! I know you've enjoyed hosting it...hope someone else picks it up! Hugs!

  4. That must have been a huge baking fest to get all the delicious food prepared. You look fantastic.

  5. You all look wonderful, and what a stunning spread of food you all made.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Well, after serving such yummy Victorian tea courses, you are entitled for hanging your beautiful hat!
    Tom did make a perfect waiter too. So much fun for dressing up and having a good time with others.
    Special that you sister could be part of it with her friends!

  7. I think after ten years is the perfect time to hang up your fabulous hat Janey, looks wonderful but I bet you are exhausted after each event 🌷🌹🌼

  8. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.