Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Pantry Caper

 We have a security system that makes a rather loud noise when an outside door is opened in the middle of the night.

I heard it go off about 2am this morning. I was trying to gather my thoughts (and wake up),

when  I spied our rather large blue ladder making the turn in the hallway outside of the bedroom door. Panicked I reached over to jostle Tom...but he wasn’t there. Seems he couldn’t sleep and decided it would be a perfect time to adjust the pantry door!!!

We have a rather tall you need a ladder to reach the top.

At the top of each door are  these bullet hinges, so when you pull, the doors open up,

bathing the pantry with light...and the lights turn off when you close the doors. Well, one of these hinges  hasn’t been working properly and occasionally needs adjusting.

I ask 2am the proper time to take on such a project??  

I told him it is a good thing that I am not armed! Geez!


  1. This would certainly catch my attention in a negative way.

  2. Oh my gosh, you got me laughing. But, I agree that is not the hour to make that kind of change.

  3. Oh you made me laugh with this post Janey, I guess when you can't sleep it's good to get productive and yes I'm glad you weren't armed 😉 I did think of you both when the weather was so cold a while back, I can see by your shots in the last few posts exactly how it looked, so happy the weather has warmed up a wee bit 💜

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Poor Tom, he sure didn't mean to cause this...
    Once, when suffering from a bad sciatica problem years ago when our alarm system still was on, I slept on the teak lounge in the hallway. Slept is not the word, as I could not from pain and I did not want to keep Pieter awake as well. So I thought, let me serve him breakfast in bed! The alarm panel was in the bedroom and I tiptoed to the dining to grab two plates and cup & saucers for putting on a tray. That was enough to start off the alarm and I almost got a heart attack. I hurried to the bedroom and told Pieter; I only wanted to surprise you... Now, THAT you managed quite well he said! He didn't know yet of my noble plan that got thwarted big time!
    One morning when I heard big dogs near our bay window area in the garden, I just pulled open the veranda door to scream at them for scaring them off. I didn't even need to do that... they jumped up and ran off like a bat out of hell. I too jumped.

  5. Ha,ha, what a story Janey! I can understand you could kill him...

  6. Hi Janey... My hubby slept through the tweak of a smoke detector all night long. I was ready to call a divorce lawyer. What a gorgeous Texas day we are having!! Enjoy your week.