Monday, March 15, 2021

In Search of a Shoe

 Ever since I have known my husband, he has worn the same style shoe. He does have dress shoes, golf shoes, hiking shoes and sneakers, but you will rarely see him in any of those.

You will more than likely see him in his favorite penny loafers. No he doesn’t put a penny in the slot, although I guess some people do? These shoes have been more and more difficult to stores or online. The problem is they seem to have stopped making this shoe in a narrow width. I can’t tell you how negatively this has affected him! So, this morning we drove over to a Dallas mall hoping one of the two anchor stores would still have his size. I know, we could have called, but it sounded like a way to get out of the house. Besides we planned to get take out at a restaurants there, and eat out in the mall.

Beautiful flowers were blooming as we walked up to the entrance. Most malls across the US are suffering and many have closed, but this one North Park, opened in 1965 is thriving! It has turned into a luxury mall. Name a luxury store and you will find it there...
I hadn’t been there in years and it was a treat to see all of the works of art. This is one titled Five  Hammering Men by an American artist Johnathan Borofsky. There actually were five and their hammers where going up and down.

Then there was this by Anthony Gormley from the UK.

The standing one was titled Anticipation.

The sitting one titled Contemplation.

and the reclining one, Dreaming.
No, we didn’t find the shoes, but we had fun window shopping and had a nice lunch. 
If you are wondering why there are no people in this successful mall, well it was Sunday morning and they had just opened. If you are ever in Dallas, it’s worth a stop.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    You are so right about a lot of quality items that no longer seem to be made. We stopped in October at Johnston & Murphy, a quality shoe store since 1850 and Pieter needed some slippers, good fitting ones. NOPE. We had to search and search for finally finding him some. Contrary to your husband, Pieter needs more than medium width. Hope you were successful in finding some.
    What a nice mall with artful layout and all those blooming tulips!
    It has been now close to 3 decades that we both shopped in Dallas. Haha, at the Neiman Marcus they asked us then if we both belonged to the party of Prince Charles... NO! Pieter always loved to wear his British style tweed suits so maybe they thought he was one of them. We had a good laugh.

  2. Those sculptures alone would draw me in. I haven't seen an Anthony Gormley since I was in San Gimignano.

  3. Oh how disappointing Janey, I hate it when something I've used for years goes out of production! Love the sculptures though, what a treat to see and a super trip out for you 💙

  4. I like Anthony Gormley too, we have a huge iron sculpture of him here in the polder on a dike called the squatting man. Popular called "Man pooping" :)

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