Friday, March 19, 2021

The Thunderbird

 Ford Motor Co. made a luxury sports car called the Thunderbird, usually referred to as a tbird from 1955 thru 1997 when they stopped production due to lagging sales.

This is a picture of a Classic 1956 Thunderbird. l thought these cars were beautiful.

So, on my walk around the neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice this beauty. I thought at first that it was a vintage tbird.

 What I didn’t know is that Ford built the Thunderbird again from 2002 to 2005 and  after looking closer, I think the one in the neighborhood is one of the newer models. I have since found out who it belongs to. Without naming names, this lady was the first wife of a famous musician. Now every time I walk by I start singing Hotel California...


  1. Dearest Janey,
    It is funny looking at the old car models.
    Don't know what car is parked in front of the hotel on my present post... Looks very much like an American built car too.
    Great for you for having found out who is the owner of that recently built Thunderbird!

  2. I love that car. I always thought it was great when I was young (along with the Corvette) and I loved it when they brought it back. Too bad it was for such a short time. I see one around town every now and then.
    P.s. I'll be humming Hotel California all day.

  3. Well that was quite a clue Janey 😉 Hotel California is one of my fav songs, enjoyed seeing The Eagles when they played in Perth a few years ago.

  4. All I Call Think Of, American Graffiti - What A Flick - Fly Like An... Stay Strong