Thursday, June 3, 2021

An unusual Motel!

 Americans are starting to venture out, but few are traveling aboard on vacation this summer. That means they are on the highways, many of them vacationing in the mountains. Therefore it it not easy to find a hotel or motel on the road, especially if that road leads to the mountains. We like to drive most of the fourteen hours to our destination the first day leaving a shorter drive the second day, but rooms were very scarce in the town where we wanted to overnight. So we ended staying in the tiny town of Monte Vista Co. It’s in the middle of the San Juan Valley famous for being the place where the almost extinct Whooping Cranes summer. Potatoes are grown around  here and even though flat there are mountains off in every direction.

Mount Blanca not far to the east.


We ended up staying overnight at a place that I have always been curious about. 

Yes, with speakers in the ceiling you watch what is normally a drive in movie from your room!

The breakfast room where a free breakfast is serve is  quite pretty.
Tired from the long drive we fell asleep before the movie was over.

I got a kick out of the print on the wall.Wonder what Renoir would think of this depiction of The Boat Party...Hollywood style?
Last day of our drive...I had better get ready for the day. See you soon.


  1. I do like that view out the windows.

  2. What a fun place to stay! How ingenious! Have a safe trip! Hugs!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Glad you got to stay at the place you always had been curious about!
    Guess you are so right about most people not going abroad but staying 'home' and travel within the 50 states.
    That must have been the reason that we had a hard time for booking our cabin on the Hill at Cherokee Lake in Tennessee. It was constantly being booked, both cabins so we finally made it for the final 7 nights of May and driving home on the 31st.
    It felt good for being in the mountains, though not comparable to Colorado altitudes.

  4. Good to see the travel is going well and you had a stay in a nice hotel!

  5. Oh that is pretty cool Janey. I think we are all discovering parts of our own countries not seen before because we're too busy off overseas. Falling asleep at your very own drive-in movie, that's excellent đŸ˜‰