Friday, June 11, 2021

Lake Walk

 Since we arrived in the mountains, where we will spend the summer we try to walk every morning.

This morning we drove three miles south to Lake San Cristobal. There is a road that circles the lake, which is paved on one side and dirt on the other. No, we don’t walk  all the way around the lake. That would be over seven miles. We like to walk on the dirt side where there is less traffic.. Usually we wait until it warms up a bit, but this morning we headed out early and it was a crisp 43 degrees.

You don’t have to walk far for the pretty views. That’s red mountain off to the west.

The Lake Fork of the Gunnison River meanders through a marshy are that is full of wildlife. .before emptying into the lake.

Lake San CristobaI is Colorado’s second largest natural lake formed over 800 years ago by a slide that blocked the river. It’s a deep lake, almost 90feet in the center and is also very cold. You will see boating and fishing taking place  but very little swimming. 


  1. It is such a lovely spot in which to spend your summers, and I do like the way that you have captured that deer standing in the river

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Nature is spectacular and so are the views with clear blue skies.
    ENJOY your routine walks, what a joy with breathing such fresh and clean air!

  3. Must feel exciting to go out again at last. Nice nature!

  4. Such a pretty landscape. I love the deer in the Fork shot.Do you see moose around your property, Janie?

    1. We have only spotted one in town..but several at the close by lake and the largest population up the mountain about 20 mins away.

  5. Excellent capture of the deer. It looks a beautiful area for walking.

  6. What a beautiful walk Janey and excellent capture of the deer there 💙