Monday, June 7, 2021

Looking for Lupine

 Several years ago Tom’s nephew and his wife were visiting and we discovered beautiful fields of Lupine blooming while driving  through the mountains.

Field after field were covered in them,

so since we have a patch of Lupine blooming on our property, I figured that the fields we had found at that time would be beautiful. So yesterday we packed a lunch and off we went.

Along the way things were looking promising,

and the views were so pretty, 

but when we got to the area where the fields of Lupine were this is what we found. Apparently they were clearing dead timber everywhere on top.Vast forests  here in Colorado  have been killed by beetles, and it’s a sad sight to see.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Oh my, no Lupine to admire and to capture... Such a beetle infestation is so devastating and it takes a long time to recover from it!

  2. What a shame that the Lupins have been destroyed because of the problems with the beetles in the forests.
    My Lupins, in lots of different colours, are looking really lovely at the moment.

  3. That is a sad sight. You must have been so disappointed.

  4. That is a sad look, everything gone...

  5. Oh no that's heartbreaking Janey, poor trees not only to they have to put up with humans cutting them down, now pests also! The fields of lupins were so pretty, glad they are safe on your property 💜

  6. P.s. love the idea of a trip around Paris in one of those beautiful old cars, maybe one day 😊

  7. Oh my, that is sad. The lupine is so beautiful and that thick field of them from a few years ago is wonderful. I'm always saddened by the loss of trees.