Monday, July 26, 2021

Feeding the Hikers

 Two trails converge near the top of the mountain to east of Lake City. The Colorado Trail that goes from Denver to Durango, Colorado which is 486 miles (783km).

and  the much longer Continental Trail 3,100 miles (4,873 km).

Many of the hikers drop down into Lake City to stay over in one of our hostels …where there are showers, and also to replenish their provisions.

To make them feel welcome, the town has gotten together to have a dinner for them once a week.

Last night we fed 50 hungry hikers.

I think the locals enjoyed it almost as much as the hikers.


  1. That would be fun to partake in. Is it potluck or who makes the food for all? I bet it is indeed really appreciated!


    1. Betty the churches are furnishing the main course and others contribute the side dishes.

  2. What a great experience. It made me think of an episode of Rich Steve's travels when he was hiking in Switzerland and Austria.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    That is typical the American way; freely handing food to others! You bet that they leave feeling cared for and energized. Very noble cause for all the locals. This is impossible in e.g. The Netherlands...

  4. P.S. For the very first time, after driving some 6+ hours we arrived for a funeral in Tennessee and the Church ladies had prepared a lunch buffet. It almost gives you tears in the eyes... so warm and so hospitable! One of the reasons we don't like it here but we LOVE it as I mentioned in the video/interview as posted on July 19th.
    Hugs again and you ought to share some with other ladies there...😉

  5. That is very nice of you all to cook them a meal, 50 people is a lot!

  6. How wonderful Janey, the hikers are a lucky bunch 😊