Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ye Old Swimming Hole

 We don’t have a swimming pool in this little town. There use to be one at one of the lodges and we always saved a day when vacationing here to go for a swim. For some reason they filled it in few years ago.

You can click on photo to enlarge
So now this is the favorite place to swim. Once the river calms down from the runoff caused by the snow melt. I wouldn’t know since I hear it is ice cold!


  1. I would swim four or five times a week at our university pool. Hasn't been possible since Covid.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    No doubt it will be cold! Being at a certain altitude makes the water cold anyway and a stream from even higher meltwater makes it icy.
    When we worked in Indonesia we used to go swimming when my brother and his wife were visiting us. At the hotel, in the mountains. You had to muster up a lot of courage for getting in! I've done so but only once, swim enough as you won't do it a second time! You would shrink too much... Haha. But for little ones, they don't feel it due to their excitement.

  3. I probably would just dunk my toes into it. Its very pretty though with the scenery!

    I don't like swimming in any water below 85 degrees, lol. Our pool just hit 89/90 degrees the other day and it was heavenly to be in. Most people would call it bath water, but to me I call it very pleasant!

  4. I'm not one for outdoor swimming but it looks very pretty.

  5. I can imagine that must be very cold indeed! Brrr not me....

  6. Oh I bet that is super invigorating Janey 😉

  7. I personally wouldn't want to swim in really cold water, but many people do these days and they do say that it is good for you.
    Regardless it looks a really lovely spot, and everyone appears to be enjoying it.

  8. Oh my, I bet that water is very cold.

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