Friday, October 15, 2021

A Day At The Spa

Aww, a day at the spa. A full day of being pampered. I have written about this before on this  page. It was the last time I was gifted a full day at a spa here in Ft. Worth. Why this subject? Well I am developing  a Christmas list, mainly for my hubby who is always at a loss as what to buy me.

Although I don’t think I will list this particular gift. For some reason these places intimidate me, which is not how you are supposed to feel when you are supposedly being pampered. Maybe it stems from 
my very first spa visit over thirty years ago. It was such a catastrophe that it was almost funny.

You see my husband gifted me a day at the most exclusive spa in Houston (where we lived at the time). A full day that started out with a facial…Things we’re going great until the the lady started drilling me on what products I used on my face. She then tried to sell me every expensive  product she was using.

 Next was the pedicure. Since I am a chatty person I started visiting with the lady working in my toes. It was difficult to get her to engage. She finally snapped at me and said “ most of the ladies sleep when I do this”. I felt like that was my cue to shut up. I think that  lunch followed. No memories of that.

Time for the manicure. The nail lady had hardly started  when she cut my finger. A bad enough cut that it was bleeding. …and wouldn’t stop. She seemed perturbed and finally said “I can’t do your nails unless you stop bleeding”. Hmm shame on me for doing that. She suggested I go on to get my hair done and return afterwards.

Time to get my hair cut and styled. I guess the hairdresser was good at what she does, because the customer before me was some local celebrity. She couldn’t stop talking how honored she felt to do so in so’s hair. The whole time she worked on me she was talking about said celebrity to the hairdresser at the next station. I am not sure she ever looked at me, and I was getting nervous how she could cut my hair with her face turned in the other direction.

Well my glamour day was finally over. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to go back for the manicure. No way, I headed for the door and never looked back..


  1. Dearest Janey,
    WOW, that was certainly a day out of hell.
    Very well meant for a luxurious day and lots of relaxing.
    But trying to sell you the most expensive makeup was a 'killer' in the very beginning.
    A nasty pedicurist that snapped at you...
    The manicure did it all; what a rude person...
    So was the hairstylist, bragging about doing a celebrity, yet unable to focus on you for doing a decent job.
    Sorry for your husband; so well meant and yet all fallen into the water...

  2. That sounds like a horror day. It is nothing for me to get all those things done. I only go to the hairdresser when I can't look around anymore because the hair is hanging over rmy eyes!

  3. That all sounds like a nightmare. My idea of a spa is a relaxing massage followed by some lounging around a pool!

  4. What a nightmare that was. No wonder you have reservations about doing it again. I've only done a full day spa thing once about 10 years ago. I had a good experience and I was totally relaxed by the time I left but, it still felt a bit intimidating to me. I'm sure that's because I'm just not used to doing it.