Thursday, March 24, 2022


 I don’t know about you but since December we have had an unusually cold winter here in north Texas,

so I was delighted to see these tulips blooming on my walk yesterday.

Have you witnessed Spring where you live yet?


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Just like in your region, we too got some cold and as a result of that both our Japanese Magnolia trees that bloomed early, then had leaves, are now brown from frost. They will show new leaves in June, we have seen it before.
    As for signs of spring, yes yesterday during breakfast I watched a male hummingbird come to our feeder! What a joy to see that colorful bird being back. Have not yet seen the females.
    So glad we put the feeders out for them to snack on.

  2. Beautiful!

    We're in that in between stage right now. Some mild sunny days, but some cool ones too.

  3. It is unseasonably warm here and Spring hasvery much arrived.

  4. We've had cold spells and warm spells. It keeps going back and forth. But, the flowering pear trees bloomed right on time back in February. Today it's going to be 94! Way too warm for March.