Thursday, March 3, 2022

Estate Sale

 Have you ever been to an estate sale? Maybe they don’t have them in your country. We do have garage and yard sales, but this is different. It use to mean an estate, or a large expensive home was selling off the everything inside. Today there are estate sales no matter if it is really an estate or not. There is a dealer that prices  everything and works the sale for a cut if the profits. 

I must admit I wanted to go to see the house.

I took a few pictures, which I wasn’t sure I was supposed to be doing..therefore they are not very good quality.This was the formal living area looking into the kitchen. I was amazed at the high ceiling with beautiful beams.

One shot of the kitchen. Everything had a price on it.

There was a family room beyond the kitchen which was full of Christmas decorations.

The chandelier and ceiling caught my eye in the dining room.

The primary bedroom had a large tapestry,

                and a large en-suite bathroom with a cute tub.

It also had a very elaborate vanity and mirror.

I was able to get one shot of the wine cellar…although looks like they took the wine.

So what did I buy? A dish for crackers..that’s it. We got rid of so many things when we left Houston and promised ourselves we would not fill this place up again. I did enjoy seeing the house though.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Seeing the house, but like you not buying any of its things.
    The bath might be cute but not practical and rather messy.
    The kitchen with family room looked more like a restaurant!
    Thanks for taking us along!