Monday, July 4, 2022

Independence Day

I have had a wonderful fun filled day.

It's been our Independence Day and no better place to celebrate than at my sister Polly's

 Polly  had  four different tables set up inside and outside of her festively decorated home. The one above she said was reserved for the 65 + crowd. I was hesitant to sit there. .but finally admitted that was indeed my age group 🙄, but first…

the younger set were all decked out and excited about getting to walk in the neighborhood parade.

It was your usual 4th of July parade with kids on bikes, trikes, scooters and in wagons and strollers, many of them bringing along the family pet.

Yes there always seems to be one neighbor that has a vintage car!

Back at Polly’s for a casual meal with everyone bringing something to share,

and the grand finale was the dessert bar, featuring niece Kristin’s fabulous cookies. 

I started this post out saying that I'd had a wonderful day....that is until I got home and heard the awful news that there has been yet another mass shooting. This time a 4th of July parade full of families and  small children. This is not the America I grew up in and certainly not the one that I can say I am proud of....


  1. Dearest Janey,
    It is sad that we have this blemish on such a wonderful day!
    We all ought to bring back the sequence of our founding fathers; Faith as without it there is no morality and without morality there is no democracy... We're seeing too often the reality of this lacking.
    But thanks for sharing your lovely day and especially a fun parade for families with all age groups; as it ought to be!
    Your niece Kristin is very talented!
    Both of us biked and delivered a birthday gift to a dear friend from Church. It was hot and we heard thunder a while ago. No rain yet...

  2. It looks ahs though you managed to have a great celebration as it should be. The devastating news of yet another mass murder saddens us all and I just hope tha one day the US will do something about the gun laws.

  3. You celebration looks so wonderful. Reminiscent of celebrations of my youth. I agree about that last part. Something has to

  4. Quite a meal.

    And still the NRA and those they have their hooks on refuse to admit there is a problem.