Friday, June 22, 2012

Dana & Bob's Summer Cabin

I promised a picture of Dana & and Bob's (the dancing couple) summer cabin. It's a bit parched here ,since we are in dire need of rain, but they still manage to have flowers and the  greenest grass in the neighborhood; both being avid gardeners.

The front porch is welcoming and looks like a great place to cool off with a glass of lemonade!

The newest addition is a deer fence and elaborate gate which is and entrance to their sloped backyard where they are feverishly working on terraced gardens. They refer to their fancy new gate as the ConquistiDOOR.
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  1. This looks great, specially the porch. They have a lot of humor with the name of the gate, ha,ha.

  2. It looks like it is a lovely retreat, My only fear during the dry season would be forest fires, of which there are far too many this year.