Monday, June 25, 2012

Quiet Time

The mule deer around here  spend a lot of the day eating, but mid afternoon they all seem to find a place to rest, and have a quiet time. This buck, was relaxing almost at the top of a small hill in my backyard where there was a nice breeze and  and a bit of shade.
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  1. These animals pay attention to their natural rhythms. I, too, sometimes like to nap in the afternoon.

  2. How sweet they come to rest so close.
    We have seen huge bush fires in Colorado on tv here. Everything all right at your place?

  3. We are fine...thank you for asking!. We do have smoke in the afternoons from fires nearly 100 miles away. So far we are keeping our fingers crossed. Fireworks for the 4th have sadly been cancelled..We desperately need rain!