Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let's Dance

Meet Dana and Bob summer residents who love to dance (dancing here to the sounds of the Singing Cowboy at the Pizza Place). Dana is the granddaughter of early settlers who were married here in 1902. Her grandfather (from England) and grandmother( from Denmark) were cooks in one of the many mines in this small mining town. I will try and get by and photograph Dana and Bob's log cabin that looks like it is straight out of a Thomas Kincaid painting.
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  1. They look like they've been dancing together for some years...hope we get to see their cabin. Lovely, cheerful photo!

  2. Kate, indeed they have. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer.

  3. This is a delightful portrait of two happy people... what a great capture! I look foward to seeing their log cabin.


  4. They are a happy couple to dance together. I never had my husband to dance with me...