Thursday, June 7, 2012


Poppies must do well in dry climates, because in early June  they seem to be everywhere in little Lake City, Co. I spotted these beside a small log cabin on the main drag.

*I am taking a little break. I have just become a grandmother for the very first time and am headed to Chicago to spend some time with my new granddaughter , Hannah Jane. I should be back in a week or so and hope to continue sharing pictures of this little unknown slice of Colorado. Thank you for your continued support....Jane
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  1. Poppies are beautiful but, oh , so short lived. Wish they'd stay around forever.

    Enjoy your new grandchild. You'll have SO much fun! Be sure to take photos and share them with us!!

  2. I like poppies, such a bright colour. And a happy day for you with the arrival of Hannah Jane! She is named to you how nice.

  3. Hannah Jane is a beautiful name and I send all my very best wishes. You are entering a new dimension. No matter what you have previously heard, you have NO IDEA how fabulous your new life with a precious grandchild will be. Seriously!