Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Vacant Lot

Across from Dana & Bob's summer cabin was a vacant lot that was for sale. They were concerned that if it sold, someone would build a two story house which would block their view . So they bought it.

They had a little pre-fab cabin moved in....which Dana  decorated as a bunk house.

There is also a vegetable garden, wishing well and a picnic spot. It's a great space . especially when they have a party.
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  1. Would be fun to visit and stay in the bunk house.

  2. The bunk house is adorable and how wonderful that they could buy the land. We did something similar 5 years ago and we are both quite happy with the decision. We still have woods and wildlife in our backyard!


  3. How lucky they were able to buy the land and made such a nice place of it.