Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In March, this little Colorado town said goodbye to Mary Elizabeth H. (Betty to all who knew her) just a short month after her ninetieth  birthday. Betty moved here, as a young bride of the areas first  DOW (Division of Wildlife)Wilderness Officer .

They lived in this small log cabin, built for them by the state, where they raised their only son Grant. Today, the cabin serves as the towns child care facility. Their son Grant, grew up to become the editor of our award winning weekly newspaper, the President of the Hinsdale County Historical Society, and in most every one's opinion, a gifted historian and a great story teller.

In the early 60's Betty opened this bookstore/gift shop, which remains in the family today. Inside, you can find nooks and crannies filled with unusual gifts, souvenirs, books on local history, and a treasure trove of old maps .For most of those fifty years, you could find Betty inside, always helpful and knowledgeable regarding this very remote part of Colorado.

Due to the expansion of Wee Care (the child care facility) a large tree had to be chopped down...a tree that was planted by Betty ...many many years ago near their log cabin. The above bench was  made from the wood of that tree, and dedicated to Betty, a fitting tribute to a lady who grew to love, and make this wilderness her home..
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  1. I love the plaque on the bench: Lifelong Learner. She obviously had been a positive force within the community. We have much to thank for early citizens such as she!

  2. What a wonderful tribute Janey. It sounds like this small community were enriched by Betty's presence and that she will be very sadly missed.

  3. What a nice tribute to such a lovely lady.