Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Can't Fish Here

Almost to the top of the pass, east of Lake City, is a small dirt road that turns north and follows Cebolla Creek  to Powderhorn, CO. Along the way, at this high altitude, there are a number of small lakes and ponds...and really good moose hunting territory. Yesterday, we drove by Lower Mill Pond (on that road) just as a large bull moose decided to go for a swim.

He had just gotten in the water when he noticed a couple of fisherman at the other end of the lake.
Apparently, moose do not like sharing their pond. He headed for the fishermen. I was amazed at how quickly he swam the length of that small lake. He would stop every few feet, raising his body almost out of the water and shaking his head; in a somewhat threatening manner.

The fisherman got the message.... and ran to their truck, driving away.... just in time!
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  1. We both have an animal in a pond on our blogs today, but mine is not quite as spectacular as yours!

  2. Love these photos! Just found your blog and its very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh, wow! that would intimidate the heck out of me!!!

  4. Wow, you captured him very well. Must be threatening to see such a big moose coming your way.