Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Freemon's General Store

The distance between Creede, Co and Lake city is about 55 mi., taking you over two passes, Spring Creek and Slumgullion. It is about an hour's drive, but we have a hard time passing Freemon's General Store which is along the way. Freemon's serves up a delicious old fashioned cheeseburger which you can eat at vintage formica kitchen tables set between the shelves of groceries or comfortably seated on the rickety, well worn, front porch. Pictured below is my cheeseburger. Did I mention the ice cream cones?
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  1. Well, this certainly looks delicious, and in a vintage setting, too. Lucky you...I seem to think that a lot when I view your photos.

  2. I think it is not so bad to live there, you have to walk the mountains a few times when you eat this each day.