Monday, March 24, 2014

A Connoisseur of Fine Art

Well, not really....but I did impress my husband while walking through a museum this Ft. Worth. I immediately identified this church, and the artist who painted it.
How did I know this? After all it really doesn't really look like a church. It happens to be the much photographed San Francisco de Asis Mission Church, near Taos, New Mexico. The above is one of the four paintings of this church by the late, famous, Georgia O'Keeffe'.... and I knew this because, not only had I seen it some twenty five years ago, but because I recently read about it on a blog. That's right. It was featured on My Santa Fe-Kate, which you can see here. Proof positive that blogging can broaden your horizons....Thanks Kate!

*The church has it's back to the road, because the front faces a part of the Santa Fe Trail.


  1. A beautiful church inside, too! It's a landmark building that is recognizable by those of us who love the Southwest and Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings. Years ago I photographed it, gave the picture to an artist friend who copied it in watercolor. It now hangs above our bed in my home, a reminder of a place this Midwesterner has loved for so many decades. I am so happy that you posted this painting!!

  2. Oh, that is great, so nice you had seen it on Kate's blog! You really did impress hubby I think, ha,ha.

  3. yup! i immediately thought of georgia o-keefe and you reminded me why i knew that!